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Masaka Millionaire Lwasa involved in another surfaced bed-room video Tape (Watch it here)

VIDEO: “It’s me in the viral s-3-x video,” tycoon Lwasa admits being the man showing master class skills in chewing ‘Sumbie’

Masaka city born tycoon Lwasa Emmanue Kaweesa has finally admitted to being the person in the leaked s3-x tape. The tape leaked on Thursday and a man romoured to be Lwasa was seen chewing a lady whose face was not shown in the camera. This was the second s3-x tape although the first one was released last year Lwasa claimed it was photoshopped and that wasn’t him in the video. However this one, Lwasa first denied but later admitted saying he is...




BBS TV star Diana Nabatanzi’s tape leak

After her break up with ex-fiance Diana Nabatanzi, Lwasa Emmanuel was romoured to have promised to leak ex-lover’s bedroom tape, however, he was yet to act. Now, social media is on fire after reports that BBS TV presenter’s bedroom tape as surfaced on the internet. The source of the alleged video, the romour and the intentions about the reported video is still unknown. According to allegations, Nabatanzi’s bedroom video leaked and is trending number one on all social media platform. However, Boom.ug snoops...


Masaka Millionaire Lwasa involved in another surfaced bed-room video Tape (Watch it here)

Masaka Millionaire Lwasa involved in another surfaced video Tape, his b0nking skill excites netizens

Masaka Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is back in the media, again for the wrong reason. According to reports, it is alleged that the Masaka City-born millionaire has been involved in another nasty video leaked online on TikTok. This is the second video for the celebrity tycoon to be allegedly in after a one that was leaked in August 2021. On the same note, this further puts up a question of whether the...