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Dr. Propa Regrets Turning Back on Family, Begs For Second Chance as He Goes Homeless

Dr Propa Regrets Turning Back on Family, begs For Second Chance As He Goes Homeless

Struggling and faded singer Dr. Propa is asking for a second chance from his family after he turned his back on them.

Propa said he is homeless and it looks like people are tired of him because of the things he did when he had money.

According to Dr Propa, he is an orphan. He doesn’t know anything concerning the father and his mother died in the hospital after giving birth to him.

He was raised in a foster home that looked after him to become an artiste that people saw and knew years ago.

But when he got money, he forgot about them not until when he became homeless and lost one of his children that he didn’t have where to bury him.

“I was told my mother died immediately after giving birth to me at Kitovu hospital. She was burried in the cemetery. I was brought up by a foster family.
God was good to me; I hustled, and the hustle worked out. I got money, and enjoyed life to the fullest, but I misused the money and went completely broke.
I failed to look after my family and decided to neglect them. I sold the plot I had, but the situation worsened. I went back to the person I sold my plot of land to, and asked him to allow me to sleep in the incomplete house he was constructing on the plot,”

Dr Propa said if his family and Ugandans give him a second chance he is not going to take anything for granted.

He said that he feels like giving up because he doesn’t have a life to live anymore.

“ recently lost my kid; I had nowhere to bury him. He was buried at the edge (kulusalosalo) of the land of my foster family. It seems I hurt some people when I still had money. I am deeply sorry; I ask for another chance, please take me back!
I don’t want to be buried in a cemetery like my mum. I don’t even know my father’s family’s whereabouts. I feel like giving up, I need another chance, please!’, Singer Dr. Propa known for “Omwana W’omwavu’ hit narrates, sobbing as he cries out for help,”