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WATCH: Winnie Wa Mummy Opens Up About B0nking with Mudra

Tiktoker Winnie Wa Mummy Breaks Silence on Serving Singer Mudra’s ‘Bean’ to Other Men

Upcoming singer and renowned TikTok content creator, Winnie Wa Mummy, has addressed speculations regarding her professional relationship with fellow artist Mudra D Viral, who now serves as her manager, people claim she’s serving him her sumbie.

Dispelling rumors circulating on social media platforms, Winnie Wa Mummy clarified that her association with Mudra D Viral is strictly centered on music and professional collaboration. Contrary to unfounded assumptions, she emphasized that there is no romantic involvement between them, despite public conjecture suggesting otherwise.

The collaboration between Winnie Wa Mummy and Mudra D Viral came about after the latter’s split with Ava Peace, with whom he shared a close professional bond.

However, Winnie Wa Mummy clarified that Mudra’s role as her manager marks a significant shift in their relationship, which was previously more casual and unspoken in its managerial aspect.

Addressing the dynamics of her professional journey, Winnie Wa Mummy expressed gratitude for the respectful treatment she has received from male counterparts within the music industry.

She emphasized that her interactions with male musicians have consistently prioritized professionalism, with no instances of inappropriate advances or misconduct.

Reflecting on her experiences, Winnie Wa Mummy humorously noted, “I’ve been lucky, there’s no male musician that has ever asked me for beans despite doing challenges for their songs on TikTok.”