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‘Doboozi Lya’Mutuuze’ Gravity Omutujju in Tears Again

The battle between Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine has taken a new twist after Bobi Win Copyright striking Omutujju’s new song, ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,’ deleting it from YouTube and leaving his channel at the risk of being deleted.

The dispute arose from allegations that Gravity had sampled Bobi Wine’s song ‘Kiwaani,’ using the same melody without proper authorization.

This comes after a month of tension between the two artists, with Gravity persistently urging Bobi Wine to part with a portion of his land in Busabala for the construction of a hospital. Frustrated by the impasse, Gravity hit the studio and unleashed ‘Doboozi Lya Mutuuze,’ a scathing track aimed squarely at Bobi Wine.

However, the YouTube takedown has left Gravity Omutujju fuming. Taking to social media, he vented his frustration with a fiery post, saying, “Wabula akatengo nga bwebakogera kadala. Now see the person who wants change. Because my song talks about greedy people and thieves, you have decided to pull it down!”

“Eddoboozi lyomutuuze omukulu omu alilwanyisa

Bobi wine waan fi move mi.
Mi tun refugee inna mi owna country.
But a long long time mi live yaso can’t go no weh.
Dem really tek poor people fi fool, dem really tek and play us like demagogue thinking that we don’t understand their games
Dem think that denying the public the mirror to see their real colors will save them . Now imagine a presidential hopeful doing this to a junior turned star . Imagine if you guys had power and authority.
For long I’ve heard people say oli wa mutima mubi naye baaba byadala tune wajitidde Kati otandise kulwana nabisikirize kandabe nabantu bwonobagaana okuluyimba. Everyone knows wadamu oluyimba lwa kafeero nolwonoona olwa dipo nazigala noyonona olwa Philly lutaaya.
Imagine fighting my song because it talks about greedy and miser people where you are the head master so the alternative for you is to put it down wabula ate watidde nnyo eyeyita principal”- he added.

As the YouTube battle rages on, fans are eagerly watching the showdown between these two influential figures in Ugandan music. Only time will tell how this copyright clash will impact the careers of Gravity Omutujju and Bobi Wine.