Top Secret Emerge, Eddy Kenzo & Minister Phiona Nyamutoro Have a Child Together

VIDEO: Eddy Kenzo Tired of Hiding, Opens Up on His Reputed 'Kwepicha' with Minister of Energy Phionah Nyamutooro

Trust me, the county know that Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development Phionah Nyamutoro and Eddy Kenzo are not just friends – they are more than friends. In fact, they are lovers and friends.

Now to even put away any doubts, information we recently got, shows that the two recently had a child together. While appearing on BBS TV a few weeks ago, Eddy Kenzo revealed that his daughters Maya and Aamal are not his only children and that he has a son somewhere.

He did not reveal the mother but we dug around and even though our investigations found that there is another child, it is in fact a girl only identified as Musuuza, born on February 2.

Our source told us that the two have been dating for close to two years and according to our source, the Semyekozo singer has been very present since the child was born.