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Controversial Salt TV Presenter Full Figure shares how she was raped by her brother in Sweet Potato garden

Faded singer and Salt TV Presenter Jenifer Full Figure real name Jennifer Nakangubi has come out and shockingly shared her experience of how her own brother tried to chew her tender sumbie at the age of 7 while they were alone in the garden.

Speaking out during an interview with a local YouTuber, Full Figure disclosed that during a visit to the garden, one of her brothers attempted to chew her, something that traumatised her for the rest of her childhood.

Full Figure narrates that even though he tried to slide in his huge cassava,, it failed to enter since she was still young and tight for anything to enter.

Heartbreakingly, when she confided in her relatives, including her uncle with whom she resided, they dismissed her account as a fabrication and chose to ignore her plea for help.

Additionally, Full Figure was deprived of proper care and education, only dropping out in primary seven.

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