WATCH: Victor Ruz & Ghetto Queen Patricia Nearly Bonk in Car

In a video that surfaced on social media, local singer Victor Ruz and Triplets Ghetto Kids pioneer Patricia Nabakooza are seen enjoying a cozy moment while in a car.

Looking straight into the camera, the two lovebirds swap saliva as they listen to Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s song ‘Industry Baby’.

The video has since created a buzz on social media with netizens questioning the romantic connection between the two youngsters.

Victor Ruz, real name Victor Wajja, is about 24 years old and has always cryptically acclaimed his love for the former Ghetto Kids dancer who just turned 20 years old.

This comes just a few days after Victor Ruz publicly revealed that his phone was stolen by thieves in Kampala and promised a huge reward to whoever can recover it for him.

Both personalities in the video have yet to give a public statement on how the video leaked onto social media.