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Renowned Pastor Shuts Down His Church After Winning 100 Million From Fixed Games

Without hesitation, the founder and pastor of a local church in Uganda shut down his church after winning 100 million Ugandan Shillings from fixed games after using Clean Odds code *210*15*20# then YES and that of FIXED GAMES *217*236# then YES.

The pastor unashamedly said that his initial purpose in opening the church was to generate money in order to overcome his financial crisis. He saw the church as an easy way to make money since he had seen other preachers who were fake and got wealthy as a result of giving fake prophecies to members.

However, the pastor admitted that it was very tough to coordinate a church without a genuine calling.

He further explained that he could sleep at night before founding the church despite the financial difficulties. But as soon as he began the church, he had countless sleepless nights. Hence, he decided to let go of the church in search of a more guilt-free way of making money.

His journey in sports betting began when he got an article notification on his phone about Clean Odds fixed games.

“It was an interesting story, and I followed it to the dot. I got the code and sacrificed the 1million I had, pressed the Clean  Odds codes *210*15*20# then YES and that of FIXED GAMES *217*236# then YES to pay for these games.”

“Surprisingly, it took me a few hours to receive the games. I almost gave up and called them scammers, but they contacted me with the details, and wow! I went full swing. I got an odd of 700.”

He decided to close the church since Clean Odds Fixed Games had given him the money he had been seeking.

You can try Clean Odds Fixed Games on their code *217*236# or *210*15*20# then YES to acces their talked about ODD 2.

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