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NBS TV Star DJ Roja Breaks Silence About Purported Split With DJ Slickstuart

For the past few months, rumors have been making rounds pointing out how the renowned city deejaying duo of DJ Slick Stuart and Roja had separated each going their way but now it looks like facts are hitting them too hard.

As their split-up rumors escalated so fast all over social media since the two had not been seen together recently, they then came out and denied these allegations.

The two performers have not shared the same stage in months, something that left many talking.

However, Roja came out recently during an interview and talked about rumors saying he also doesn’t know about the splitting but whoever is behind spreading the rumor well knows the reason why they are fueling the allegations.

According to Roja, the brand has been intact for all the years of working together and it was just because they didn’t announce this year’s Mixtape party which is one of the reasons the rumors are being circulated.

Meanwhile, it should also be remembered that Roja is now working on his businesses including managing singer Jowy Landa’s musical career under his 7Star Management.

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