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Singer Vinka Opens Up on Balancing Motherhood & Music

Vinka real name Veronica Luggya is one of the best performing female musicians in Uganda with a busy schedule but finds simplicity in motherhood, thanks to her supportive partner, Nelly Witta.

In an interview during the Tusker Malt Conversations, she expressed gratitude to Nelly for her support in her career and motherhood journey. She described him as a “dream lover and a “devoted husband.”

Addressing their future, Vinka revealed she isn’t his wife yet but they are living together. With a playful tone, she hinted at her desire for Nelly to “put a ring on it.”

She also offered advice to upcoming musicians and emphasized the importance of being clear and honest with their relationships. She went on and encouraged them to find partners who understand the demands of their work and find a mutual understanding.

She also disagreed with the narratives that musicians struggle to maintain marriages, referring to her relationship as an example of a successful one.

“Very many people say musicians do not last in marriage but it is working for me because I have had someone who understands me from the beginning,” Vinka.