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Pastor Bugingo was bonking Judith Babirye behind Teddy and Suzan Makula's back, dark secrets emerge

Posted on Sep 18, 2022
By Boom
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Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries shocked many when he dumped his wife of many years and settled with his employee Susan Makula. 


This was a confirmation that the pastor had been cheating on his wife Teddy Naluswa with Makula but what shocked many is how he went against his own preaching. 


Before he became a popular pastor, Bugingo criticised church leaders and men at large for abandoning their wives after getting money and marrying younger women adding that God does not want men to marry more women. The old video was released recently showing him making the statements.


However, over the weekend Bugingo ate his own words and visited the parents of his mistress Makula while still married to Naluswa.


Latest reports indicate that the pastor was not only cheating on Naluswa with Makula but also with singer Judith Babirye. 


Facebook blogger Senga Acid has today morning claimed that the pastor is a renowned Casanova. 


"That baby that Judith Babirye last had is for pastor Bugingo," Senga Acud alleges. 


Additionally, another Ugandan named Namugera K Nives has said that the pastor was sleeping with her friend and promised to marry her. This happened while the pastor was already dating Makula implying that he has been cheating on her as well. 


"Kyoka he gave my friend a car some few months back and he's promising to marry her," She said.


Furthermore, Namugera claims that her friend has on many occasions caught Bugingo flirting with other women. 


"Ate omuwala akimanyi Bujingo mwenzi kuba Alina abawala abalala kuba buli Kade amukwata ne messages musimu ye atte nga waliwo nabawala abekwanila Bugingo , pics ,videos byona omuwala abilina Ela wamunyiliza muja kulaba. Ne family yomuwala emanyi Bugingo," She narrated.


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