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The day CBS FM presenter Sofia Tebi was caught b0nking with another man in boyfriend's house (Full Video)

Posted on Sep 18, 2022
By Boom
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CBS FM presenter Sofia Tebi, struggled late last year after she was thrown out of her husband's house hours after getting caught red-handed sleeping with another man. 


Sophie's neighbors explained how the presenter brought another man into her husband's house and had a sleepless night having Bonking sessions.


"Her husband caught her cheating, he lied to her that he was going on a trip but instead he stayed and hid somewhere then Sophie brought in another man. Her husband came back at night." A neighbor said.


When Sophie's husband returned, he found her in bed with the said side dish forcing them to take action. 


"Sophie with her side dish got her husband arrested, he slept in a police cell for a full night and when he came back in the morning he asked her to take everything of hers and go," The neighbor added


The disappointed husband explained that he has gone through alot with Sophie for so long.


"I've protected her alot, she has no manners, she's disrespectful. I've slept in prison after she said that I refused her from taking things, which things you've seen can I refuse to give her? Let her take whatever she wants. Everything!" He said angrily


There was a scene where Sophie was being chased from the house. After seeing journalists, she covered her head with a black cloth to avoid appearing in news. 


She then carried her little items and left. 


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