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"He's the worst creature on earth," Bobi Wine's brother Eddy Yawe in a s3x scandal with Sheeba

Posted on Sep 21, 2022
By Boom
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Upcoming artiste Sheeba Ssumaya has accused legendary singer and producer Eddy Yawe a brother to Bobi Wine of trying to sexually harass her.


In Uganda, such stories have been coming up of producers and artistes asking upcoming young female artistes for s3x in order to help them push their songs and make them famous.


The recent and famous one is of Daddy Andre and it's now Eddy Yawe in the news for allegedly giving out someone’s song to another artiste after she refused to sleep with him.


According to upcoming artiste Sheeba Ssumaya she recorded a song with Eddy Yawe but after she refused to sleep with him, Eddy gave out her song to another artiste something she said was disrespectful.


“Some people we meet out of respect can turn out to be the worst creatures on earth. Mr. Eddie Yawe, I effortlessly worked with you to release a song titled 'Akalosa'  which you've later sang with another person and turned the title to 'Kalosa'.


"What could be the problem? Is it because I refused to fulfill your sexual desires? Let's be guided not everyone lies with a person to be who they are. Am kindly not impressed by your action Ssebo. I deserved to be consulted first out of respect,” Ssumaya Sheeba posted.


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