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"Museveni was overthrown years ago, he is being used in public," Untouchable people running the country revealed

Posted on Sep 21, 2022
By Boom
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Hon Moses Kabuusi, Member of Parliament for Kyamuswa County has revealed the untouchable people close to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni holding him under captivity and already running the country.


According to Moses Kabuusi, these people running the country don’t have offices in government where they operate from but they are very powerful than president H.E Museveni himself.


Kabuusi added that these people are the ones that sponsor some Members of Parliament during elections so that their interests can be supported when brought to the floor of Parliament.


“They have a lot of money, when the time for elections comes, they facilitate all the candidates who they think will fight for their interests. When you defeat them, they don’t leave but prepare for you in the next election.


"That is why many of my friends in parliament have already started fidgeting because they are not in good books with the said powerful people who control the running of the country,” Kabuusu said.


Kabuusu insists that these powerful persons without government offices are the reason why government organisations like parliament and judiciary are not independent because they are working on their orders.


According to Senior presidential advisor on Buganda, Robert Ssebunya president Museveni fears imprisoning some people in his government who have committed serious crimes because he thinks that once he imprisons them, they will overthrow his government for good.


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