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Home Politics VIDEO: NRM bloggers tear themselves apart over Museveni

VIDEO: NRM bloggers tear themselves apart over Museveni

There is a war ongoing in the yellow bus where bloggers include Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure, Ismah Olaxess and Ashburg Katto who are fighting each other to earn favour from the National Resistance Movement-NRM top boss.

The bitter fight is caused by the government’s failure to appreciate their input in the 2021 presidential elections. 

First, it was Ful Figure who came out and claimed that she nolonger receives money from the president as before saying that NRM has bad people. The war was fueled by Ismah on Saturday when he attacked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and revealed that he was not paid for the work he did for the president to win the election.

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The 58 year old blogger went ahead and trashed NRM top officials accusing them of using and dumping the bloggers. 

However Ashburg has now come out and blasted Olaxesses commanding him to apologise to the party. 

Kato says that even though they are hungry and broke, it is not right for Olaxesses to be disrespecting his bosses like that. 

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Additionally Ashburg said that he did not join the party for monetary benefits. 

“It is true am hungry. I know that we are starving, I know that you are starving but I want you to know that I didn’t join NRM’s government to steal money from it, even if I’m poor, even if I use a motorcycle for transportation, even if I sleep on an empty stomach I will continue Supporting Museveni,” Kato said.

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Watch video below: