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Fresh Kid records mega hit with ‘Muwunya’ boys

Fresh Kid ft Muwunya boys

Fresh Kid records mega hit with 'Muwunya' boys

Ugandan toddler rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo alias Fresh Kid is a kid that rose from the ashes to become a national superstar. He has since also taken up the initiative to lift other struggling entertainers to attain a level that can enable them rise above the rest. 

The rapper has revealed that he has gone to the studio to record a hit song with a group of youths that were recently in the news after being embarrassed during the “Yolesa Ekitone” by veteran playwright Alex Mukulu.

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Mukulu criticised the youths after their performance as he referred to their bad smell as he used a Luganda word “Muwunya”. Many have come out to castigate him for embarrassing the young boys and many have volunteers to help them realise their dream. 

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Among the many who have vowed to help them is Rapper Fresh Kid who has taken them to the studio to record a song titled” “Tuwunya”, literary translated as “we smell”.

It remains to be seen when the song will hit their air waves and we can only wait for its grand release.

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