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Home News Isma Olaxess launches a nasty attack on NUP President Bobi Wine

Isma Olaxess launches a nasty attack on NUP President Bobi Wine

Isma Olaxess launches a nasty attack on NUP President Bobi Wine

Motor mouthed blogger Ismah Olaxess has laughed at National Unity Platform (NUP) chairman Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s failure to attend Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11’s 66th birthday celebrations on 14th April, 2021.

Ismah says that even after Mr Wine calling him self ” Omubanda Wa Kabaka” , he is still not welcomed in the Palace which is why he wasn’t invited for the celebrations.

” Everyone who attended was invited. Now that Magere sheep was not invited. Why didn’t you go there yet you call yourself ” Omubanda wa Kabaka”? , Why didn’t they invite you? The sheep remained home watching.” Ismah has mocked Bobi.

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The blogger claims that after losing the 2021 presidential Elections, Bobi started vying for other ways of capturing power with riots being his major plan. He explains further that Mr Wine wanted to use tribalism to spear head riots which would in the end benefit him but unfortunately his target audience ( Baganda) are corwads who failed to join his plan.

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After failing at other attempted riots, Ismah says that Bobi was planning to use Kabaka’s illness to incite violence which he failed at terribly after the Kingdom’s refusal to invite him.

” He thought that God was going to help him so that Kabaka’s illness works as a lubricant for people to riot. He tried to look for riots but they refused. 

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He doesn’t know that we put someone to monitor him so whatever he tries to do, we stop him.” He narrates.

Olaxess has added that Bobi has been claiming that Buganda listens to him but the King’s refusal to invite him on his birthday celebrations is evidence that he is alone.