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“I didn’t join politics to be rich, I was already wealthy,” Dr Kizza Besigye

Col Kizza Besigye speaks out about his music taste, childhood hobbies and how he deals with social media negativity
Col Kizza Besigye

Col Rtd Dr Kizza Besigye has been known much for his political career than his medical career.

The four time presidential candidate has lived and breathed politics since that moment he decided to abandon his workstation in Kenya to join the armed struggle against the Milton Obote government.

Many have believed that he is indeed one that breathed the fire of the political landscape since childhood. However, this is not the case.

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In an honest conversation with Sanyuka TV host Nambooze Annet alias Anatalia Ozze, Kizza Besigye revealed that his drive to join politics was not his main childhood dream but one that took shape as he grew. He however now believes he can’t be separated from politics.

“It is very difficult to separate Col Kizza Besigye from politics because his life has been about leadership and politics. He is one individual who has dedicated his entire life to leadership and politics,” He stressed.

When pressed more to reveal the reason behind his drive for politics, Besigye revealed that he didn’t join the leadership circle for purposes of enriching himself.

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“I did not Join Politics because I had any interest. It was the situation that drove me to join politics. Personally, I was very tired of the style of governance at that time.

“However, I was not alone, there were quite a number of citizens who felt the same way and that is how we joined politics.” He emphasised.