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Meet a woman who bonks 7 men to satisfaction and none cheats on her (VIDEO)

According to her, the elders choose the men they want her to marry.

Meet a woman who bonks 7 men to satisfaction and none cheats on her (VIDEO)

A Rwandan traditional healer has shocked many after sharing a story about her seven husbands. The woman has explained in an interview with an African YouTuber that she married her husbands after getting visions from her late elders commanding her to marry the men. 

“It wasn’t my will, I don’t command myself. I’m commanded by elders. They are the ones who commanded me to have many husbands. It was shocking to me at first but I had to do it to avoid punishments.” She narrates. 

According to her, the elders choose the men they want her to marry. 

“When I’m sleeping, the elders bring me a vision of the man. They do that after learning his behavior. After the vision, I look for that person. Normally, the men are not far from my area. Due to my spiritual powered, no one can reject me. No one has ever rejected my proposal,” The traditional healer explained. 

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In African tradition, it is uncommon for a woman to propose to a man likewise to have more than one man.

“They commanded me to produce more and more children and I was told I should not have more than one child from one man which is why I have to have more Husbands,” – She explained further. 

The woman has revealed that she has honored her elders’ commands of having only one child in each man. 

“I have six children from six men, I’m only left with one man now,” she said. 

When asked how she manages to satisfy her many husbands s3xually, the witch doctor assured that they are not complaining. 

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“I satisfy their s3xual needs. There is no husband of mine who has ever complained about anything. I have a time table for them, being seven, each one of them has their own day in a week. I choose who to sleep with because I constructed houses for them, I constructed seven houses,” She answered. 

Woman with her 7 husband

The traditional healer added that her men cannot cheat on her with other women. 

“None of them can dare cheat on me. My super powers can show it to me before it happens, before one thing is of it…” She boasted while revealing that she might add more husbands if the elders commands her to do so. 

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In the video, the seven men are seen sitting together in harmony while she feeds them with food. They claim that being many has increased their love between themselves adding that they aren’t jealous. 

“We had not been in love for long. One day she took a phone, called and invited me to her house then proposed to me and said that she wanted me to be her husband. It was time for me to have a family so I was happy with the proposal so I said yes. Having other men here increased our love for each other. We don’t have jealous.” One of her husband disclosed. 

Watch video below:

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