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Home News FDC closes offices country-wide

FDC closes offices country-wide

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has temporarily closed all its offices in the country due to the surging of COVID-19 cases. 

The party says that leaving their offices open during this pandemic leaves their employees at a huge risk of catching the Coronavirus. 

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“ATTENTION! Our FDC party HQ located at plot 1164 Entebbe Rd-Najjanankumbi will be closed until further notice. Najjanankumbi area is infested with the deadly covid 19 virus, as a way of Protecting our Staff, it was suggested that the Place be closed until the virus subsidises,” Nasasira Barnabasi kifefe Tweeted.

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“A desperate population holding onto life in the wake of COVID-19, Ugandans have resorted to all measures to survive as health care facilities fail to cope with the rising cases. Politics aside, everyone is now focusing on saving lives in whichever way they can,” Col. Kizza Besigye said.

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Uganda currently has a total number of 6,3099 confirmed COVID-19 cases.