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“This is the painful reality” – Bobi Wine sends an open letter to Uganda and Gen Katumba’s family

National Unity Platform-NUP boss also former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu commonly known as Bobi Wine has finally spoken about the attempted assassination of General Edward Katumba Wamala.

Bobi Wine says that the Tuesday incident on former army commander and Minister for Works and Transport’s life is an indicator that Uganda as a whole is not safe. 

Mr Wine believes that at the stage Uganda is at, Lawlessness affects both common citizens and high profile people.

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“The assassination attempt on Gen Katumba Wamala which left his daughter and driver killed is another indication that Lawlessness doesn’t only affect common citizens but also high ranking members. NO ONE IS SAFE. This is the painful reality. Deep condolences to the family,” He has stated. 

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The NUP boss adds that, when the rule of law breaks down in the country, everyone turns vulnerable.

“In Nov, criminals in plain clothes roamed our streets shooting citizens indiscriminately. Yesterday, criminals made a daring attempt on a General. All related! When the rule of law breaks down, everyone becomes vulnerable! There are no heroes in a sinking boat. Deep condolences” – Bobi Wine added.

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The politician is among the few people who are attending the General’s daughter’s burial. He has already arrived at the vigil.

Stray bullets shot Katumba’s daughter Brenda Nantongo Katumba and his driver Haruna Kayondo on Tuesday morning during an attempted assassination on the former Chief of Defence Forces-CDF commander.