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SHOCKING! Odongo Otto’s letter planning to kill Gen. Katumba over MP Zaake surfaces

They say, the internet never forgets and that statement relates so much to General Edward Katumba Wamala’s current situation.

Immediately after the minister for Works and Transport Gen Katumba survived an attempted assassination today morning by unknown assailants, netizens dug deep into their archives and brought out a tweet that could aid in tracing the assassins. 

A tweet dated 2017 shows how former Member of Parliament (MP) for Aruu constituency Odongo Otto vowed to harm Gen. Katumba and his family for allegedly ordering the beating of the National Unity Platform-NUP member and Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake Butebi.  

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“We can’t accept people like Hon Zaake to walk like this when the person, Gen Katumba Wamala who punched him is alive. We would like to put all of you on notice. When this regime changes, we shall come for you. We know your families, children, and gardens” Former NBS television journalist Sheila Nduhukire quoted Odong Otto during an interview. 

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General Katumba fiercely responded and informed Otto that he was not scared of his threats asking him to act sooner.

“Pose info hon Odongo-Otto. My home is plot 11 Lugogo channel & I have no guards. If he wants to use Kawesi style my veh number is UG1626W. He doesn’t have to wait for regime change.” Gen Katumba. 

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After four years of this warning, Gen. Katumba survived assassination in Bukoto as his daughter and driver killed in cold blood.