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Home News Summary of Museveni’s address on COVID-19

Summary of Museveni’s address on COVID-19

Summary of Museveni's address on COVID-19
HE Museveni's address on COVID-19

Summary of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni COVID-19 update on 29th March, 2021 at 8 O’clock.

1. Previous vaccination target was 4.8m Ugandans that met these criteria who included above 50yrs, teachers (govt and private), security personnel, below 50yrs with an underlying medical condition.  However, this may change with the possibility of vaccinating the younger persons.  Details to follow after the National task force meeting on Wednesday next week.

2. The current wave has seen an increase in daily cases like the 690 new cases that were identified today alone. This is a sharp rise since Dec last year. 

Side Note: Current deaths stand at 362 since the Ugandan outbreak (patient zero identified: 21st March 2020)

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3. Kampala and Wakiso have the biggest disease burden of COVID-19 during this recent wave with up to close to 800 cases in the past 2 weeks. Western and Eastern regions have the lowest case burdens.

4. The current wave seems to be more severe than the previous waves, with more cases presenting with severe disease and critical disease. Pointing to the possibility of new variants of the COVID-19 virus different from the ones seen in china.

Current Variants in Uganda include

– South Africa variant b1351 seen in truck drivers

– UK variant b117 seen in truck drivers from Kenya,

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– Nigeria variant b1525 seen in truck drivers from Kenya and patients admitted in Mulago hospital

-India variant b1616 (voc) seen in patients admitted to Mulago Hospital and Jinja Hospital among travellers from india

5. Total 803 cases confirmed in schools. Possibly fuelled by the various variants that are now being seen in this current wave. Strongly suggestive of a strain that causes severe disease in younger persons; a trend not commonly seen with previous strains

6. The Astra Zeneca vaccine was  developed by Oxford and the production was outsourced to India. Uganda procured

964,000 doses and, so far 581,000 Ugandans have been recieved their 1st dose. However,  following the India COVID crisis recently, exportation of the vaccine has been put on hold, further posing challenges in future procurements of the vaccine from India.

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Solution for future COVID vaccine program:

-Looking for another service provider like Johnson and Johnson,  vaccines from CUBA,

-Pfizer from the US requires high level refrigerated that may pose a challenge in our current capacity therefore this might not be an option at the moment

– Continued support for local manufacture of our own vaccine

7. Detailed guidelines to follow next week to enforce guidelines to prevent further spread of COVID-19

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