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Home News Bugingo exposes homosexual pastors in Uganda churches, leaks shocking evidence

Bugingo exposes homosexual pastors in Uganda churches, leaks shocking evidence

Bugingo exposes homosexual pastors in Uganda churches, leaks shocking evidence
Pastor Bugingo

House of Prayer Ministry senior pastor and CEO Salt media Bugingo Alosyious revealed church in Uganda is facing a serious problem of fake pastors practicing homosexuality in the church.

The celebrated city pastor says, he has full evidence pinning his fellow men of God which can work against them in courts of law.

The pastor made the revelation during a service at his Makerere based church where he narrated that the pastors take advantage of unemployed male graduands and use them for anal s3x.

“They get young men and use them for homosexuality, I don’t just accuse the church because I love the church so much. We have leaders who have gathered youths, you will never see women around them. You will see only men with them naye nga bona obubina yabuyuza. Satan’s agents in church yet they are respected, even government respects them.” Bugingo alleges. 

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Bugingo blasted “fake pastors” taking themselves as heroes when preaching but when they walk with dirty secrets behind their back.

“They move in convoys and people can’t even believe what they do. The youth being used still respect them and call them men of God. You wonder the kind of God that is.” Bugingo added. 

Furthermore, Bugingo narrated that after the gay pastor’s victims getting Ill, they come to him for rescue.

 “I say this while in pain, whenever those youths lack something they go and have sex with these people. In saying this with confidence because u have those I’m nursing who have been their victims. I’ve paid their rent and got jobs for them,” He said.  

According to Bugingo, youths especially unemployed graduands are manipulated by pastors who offer freebies, financial help to them which they would in return pay with their private parts.

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“They are supposed to be dependants to pastors on conditions that they sleep with them. All those nice looking young men you see around pastors, those body guards. They offer their anuses to the pastors for money,” Bugingo exposes.

Bugingo alleges further that pastors have connections in government that can not allow their victims to win cases against them in court hence choosing silence.

“In Uganda, you can’t win a case against real homosexuals in court. They are known to even by the government. If there is any lawyer who can make them lose such a case, I want him/her to come out and prove me wrong because I have evidence,” He stated. 

He said that he can’t mention their names because they already know themselves and that’s why the hate him.

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“And I won’t take your names to media, you know yourselves and what you did to me. Do I even need to take you there,” Angry Bugingo stated.

Ever since he dumped his wife Teddy Bugingo for his employee Susan Makula, Bugingo has been at war with his fellow pastors including Pastor Kayanja, Mondo Mugisha among others who condemned his act.

The Solid media boss recently launched a verbal war against Kayanja and his wife Jessica Kayanja accusing them of conniving with Teddy to go against him. 

It should also be noted that Kayanja and Mondo have been on several occasions accused of practicing homosexuality an act which is against the law in Uganda. 

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