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Home News Has Katikkiro Peter Mayiga really been sacked from Mengo? Find out the...

Has Katikkiro Peter Mayiga really been sacked from Mengo? Find out the full truth

katikiro peter mayiga reportedly fired as buganda prime minister

A letter going viral online alleges that King of Buganda Ronald Muwends Mutebi II has fired Kingdom prime minister Charles Peter Mayega.

The statement allegedly signed by the King reveals that he is set to make a reshuffle in the kingdom leadership by announcing the new Katikkiro to his subjects on April 19 2021 at Bulange Mengo.

Full statement below

“I want to take this opportunity to welcome you from the birthday celebration that took place In Mengo palace. We appreciate the gifts and birthday messages from individual people and different organisations. We appreciate.

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We have made a reshuffle in leadership in the office of prime minister Mengo. We thank Peter Mayiga and his team for the work they have done for the kingdom in seven years.

 We call upon all Baganda on 19th April, 2021 to come to the palace as we introduce to you a new prime minister. ” Part of the letter signed by the King reads. 

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The letter however doesn’t appear in the format of the Kingdom’s official documents. 

The Kingdom’s documents always have a header written on dark blue ink yet this particular one is written in black. 

The signature also slightly different from that of the King. 

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It should also be noted that, all the Kingdom’s social media pages have not posted the letter in question hence making it fake. 

CBS fm, BBS Television which are meant to make such announcements before anyone else does haven’t said anything about the prime Minister’s sacking.