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“Museveni’s address on skyrocketing commodity prices was was wastage of time,” LOP Mpuuga bitterly undresses Tibuhaburwa

Hon Mathias Mpuuga who is the leader of the opposition has rubbished President Yoweri Museveni’s Sunday address on skyrocketing commodity prices calling it a waste of time since he did not provide any solution on the matter.

Speaking after the president’s address, Mpuuga said that Ugandans expected to have relief from the President’s address, unfortunately, the address was like a bombshell to the poor citizens.

We expected something useful from his address but sincerely he just wasted our time. You cannot tell people to reduce their expenditure that you are not cutting taxes yet after every quarter, Parliament receives State House supplementary budgets to cater for him and his family. In other words, for him he does not care about Ugandans as long as they pay taxes, he will be able to get his supplementary budgets to look after himself and his family. He said.

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According to President Museveni, he cannot cut down taxes because it can lead to the collapse of the economy.

Some of the ideas people think about when confronted with high commodity prices, are the idea of subsidy (Government okutu kwatirako) or removal of taxes by the Government from those commodities.

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With imported commodities, this is a recipe for disaster. It will lead to collapse. It would seriously encroach on our reserves. Moreover, removing taxes on some of the commodities would mean tax loss to the Government of: Shs1.53 trillion for petroleum, Shs 1.15trillion for diesel, and Shs 520 billion for wheat.

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How, then, do we fund our budget for roads, electricity, schools, medicine, security, etc.? he asked.

He asserted that since the government does not tax crucial items such as Medicine, raw materials, etc. It is, therefore, not true that everything is taxed and removing taxes or subsidizing many of the imports is suicidal and a blunder.