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Home News UNEB pins Ssegirinya for using Sarah Nampiima’s academic documents, dumps him in...

UNEB pins Ssegirinya for using Sarah Nampiima’s academic documents, dumps him in hot soup

Shock as UNEB leak Muhammad Ssegirinya fake academic documents
Muhammad Ssegirinya

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) have confirmed that Kawempe North Member of Parliament elect Mohammed Ssegirinya’s academic documents are fake. 

According to UNEB Ssegirinya used an index number which belongs to a one Sarah Sempiima who studied from Mengo. 

“Index numbers which were in Ssegirinya Richard’s name , one index number was U0053054 and the candidate would have sat for exams in 2007, now the center number 053 doesn’t belong to the school where it is said that Ssegirinya Richard studied from. 053 is a center number for Mengo. Pimbus secondary school has another center number. 

We took time to check Pimbus secondary school to confirm if there was any student by the name Ssegirinya Richard in the said year but name never existed in the school files.

However in the index number, there is a student called Nampiima’s Sarah who studied at Mengo not Ssegirinya Richard.” UNEB stated. 

Accordingly, the board also says that the documents brought to them for verification which are in the name of Ssegirinya Richard are fake. 

“On checking we realised that the documents do not belong to UNEB, serial numbers which are on the documents, do not belong to UNEB” they explain further. 

Ssegirinya’s victory as MP is being challenged by his rival and incumbent Sulaiman Kidandala who says that he (Ssegirinya) used fake academic documents to participate in the parliamentary elections. 

Ssegirinya however insists that Kidandala’s accusations are wrong.