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Katikiro Peter Mayiga Gives Update About Kabaka Mutebi’s Health

Buganda Kingdom through Prime minister Peter Mayiga has come out to trash rumours that King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is in poor health condition suffering from kidney complications.

According to Mayiga, the King is currently in Nairobi where he has visited different people including sick Queen Mother Margaret Siwoza.

“Sabasajja Ronal Muwenda Mutebi II gyali alamula Ela nga mukiseera kino Ali Nairobi mu Kenya Ela yalambude Nnamasole Margaret siwoza abaddw ajanjibibwa mu dwaliro e Nairobi wamu nabantu abalala…” Mayiga has said.

Accordingly Mayiga says that the King is expected to return to the country very soon.

However, a number of Baganda on social media have trashed Mayiga’s statement calling it false adding that their King must be sick but the kingdom officials are hiding the information from the public.

“It’s so heartbreaking to see the prime minister of Buganda uttering out defamatory about our king within the period of a fortnight. The statement he made during Masaaza cup finals is totally contradicting this statement. There is something wrong within our Buganda Kingdom. Fellow Ugandans especially those dwelling in the Buganda region, just be Keen and vigilant about the ongoing issues,” Emmanuel Lincoln a social media user expressed his disappointment in Mayiga’s speech.

Days ago, rumours spread on different media platforms indicating that the King was suffering from kidney complications after a picture of him surfaced where his waist looked unusual hence allegations that he was wearing a hemodialysis machine.

This isn’t the first time allegations of such nature about the King are being made.