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“They fell off!” – Police speaks out on numberless ‘Drones’ used in kidnap of Ugandans

Traffic police director Lawrence Nuwabiine

The Ugandan Police Force have come out to give clarity about the marauding Vans commonly termed as “Drones” which have been seen without any registration number plates. The vehicles have been reportedly used to kidnap Ugandan opposition members by plain clothed security operatives.

However, the acting traffic police director Lawrence Nuwabiine has said that the ” drones” do not have number plates because they normally fall off due to their small size. 

Nuwabiine said this during a press conference where journalists raised questions about the absence of number plates on drones seen in many Kampala streets. 

“Many of these vehicles are new and when they are being imported, they come with very small number plates fixed infront and sometimes they are not fixed in the behind part. At times those small plates fall off and you see them on the highway,” Niwabiine clarified.

Ugandans are concerned about the influx of unidentified people using drones to abduct their family members and take them to unknown places.

Nuwabiine has also stressed that the allegations that security forces are using the vehicles to abduct people are not true explaining that the drones come from car bonds. 

No wonder many of your complaints refer to the highways where these drones are seen. When they reach the city centre they move to different bonds and when they go to those bonds you think some of them are security vehicles yet not true.” He says. 

Police say that these numberless cars are not allowed to move around without number plates adding that police is to hunt them down.