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Home National Police trash torturing of NUP allies

Police trash torturing of NUP allies

Police trash torturing of NUP allies

A picture of a sick person lying on an emergency clinic bed while on oxygen leaked on social media with claims that the person was National Unity Platform’s member Bukenya Ali aka Nubian Li with allegations that he was tortured by police in Masaka. 

However Uganda police has refuted the claims by producing pictures of Nubian Li and Ssebuufu Edward aka Eddy Mutwe in good health. 

In a statement released by police say the accounts of torture are fabricated to taint a bad image on the forces. 

“We would like to refute the false propaganda that photographs of alleged torture, spread on social media are of two suspects namely; Ssebuufu Edward alias Eddie Mutwe and Buken Ali alias Nubian Lee, who are in police custody in Masaka.  We believe the accounts of torture are frabricated to take t the image of the forces and also capture media headlines.  We would like to disproce these sickening allegations by sharing images of the two suspects that were obtained today while lifting their finger prints. It is a lawful procedure undertaken when suspects are being processed for court and for future criminal record purposes,” police stated. 

The force goes further to warn social media users sharing fake information saying that their cybercrime unit has taken interest in fake posting promising to identify culprits punish them.