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NBS TV’s Daniel Lutaaya claims NUP supporters want him dead

NBS’s journalist Daniel Lutaaya who’s been on former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine campaign trail has come out to speak about the former Candidate’s earlier statement about NBS that the media house did a great deal in announcing wrong presidential election results and favored the despot, President Museveni.

Daniel says that because of Bobi Wine’s statement, his (NUP) supporters want him stoned or burnt to death yet he almost lost his life reporting news about their Candidate.

“This is me an NBS reporter. Police did this to me because I was covering an opposition presidential candidate. Supporters of the very Candidate I almost died for are now saying I and everyone else who bears a red microphone should be stoned or burnt to death. #JournalistIsNotACrime,” Daniel said this via his social media platforms.

It will be noticed that on 27th December 2020 during Bobi’s campaign trail in Masaka, Lutaaya together Ashraf Kasirye of Ghetto media TV and Ali Mivule of NTV were harmed by police while covering the campaigns.