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“They Want Me Dead!” – Frank Gashumba Claims Gov’t Wants to Kill Him

Frank Gashumba

Renowned city motor mouth and activist Frank Gashumba has claimed he is a target of elimination for the state in a bid to silence him. The Siisimuka Uganda CEO revealed in a video clip that his life is in danger.

 Gashumba claims that the state will eventually kill him for speaking out against their treatment of Ugandans but quickly adds that he is not scared.

“Nze of course bajja kunkwata nokunzita bajja kunzita, ekyo nkimanyi. Nze Ela buli lwenzija ewaka mba manyi bantayiza ebwelu ku gate. That one I know, they will kill me. Actually sikyalina na kyenjagala kunsi kuno nebwemunzita kakati……for me oba Bagala kunzita bajje banzite. Actually bwoba onzita oba onyambye kubanga pain njiwulira nga oli mukunzita, olumala okunzita nga njoininga kitange jeyalaga nga twebelere eyo.” Gashumba cried out. 

Gashumba was reacting to alleged continued abduction and detainment of National Unity Platform supporters. He also stated that the only person who can help the detained youths get out of prison is The Kabaka of Buganda Kingdon Ronald Muwenda Mutebi 11 narrating that Katikiro Peter Mayiga has betrayed them by Supporting the regime which is making the youths suffer in prison. 

According to him, it is a right move for Buganda to secede  from Uganda and be an independent state.