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Sheilah Gashumba’s ex-boyfriend goes broke, thrown out of hotel room

As it is always said, you can never predict when someone will ever get rich or poor! The saying comes directly to the life of Sheilah Gashumba’s ex-lover Marcus Ali aka God’s Plan who is reportedly gone broke to the extent that he can’t pay his hotel room. 

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But who didn’t see the two lovebirds splashing dollars and bragging in Kampala?!

Now, the ex-convict is said to be too broke to even afford a decent meal in Kampala which explains why he got chased from a hotel where he had been staying due to accumulating unpaid bills. 

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It is alleged that God’s Plan is currently putting up at a friend’s crib in Naguru. 

God’s Plan allegedly started staying at the hotel (Name withheld) after making a contract with the hotel management that he would bring clients for them through staging high end parties but sad for him, he failed to get the clients due to Coronavirus restrictions against partying and mass gatherings.

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Can Shellah come in to help? Time will tell!