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Photos of President Museveni’s alleged ‘dead body’ leak amidst death romour

Social media is awash with photos said to be of the President of the Republic of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s dead body with claims that he has passed on. 

The pictures show an old man sleeping on a hospital bed looking as if he is dead. The man looks exactly like President Museveni. 

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Despite the fact that the face in the photos slightly looks like that of HE Museveni, Boom.ug snoops have examined the pictures and they look to be photoshopped. 

These photos come seven days ago after a tweet purportedly from NTV Uganda indicated that President Museveni was airlifted to Germany for treatment in a critical condition. It said that he was suffering from the deadly Coronavirus. 

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However, NTV came out and clarified calling the viral screenshot “FAKE”. 

Since the screenshot surfaced, rumours continued to spread speculating that the president is unwell or dead. Museveni’s senior press secretary Lindah Nabusayi stated that his boss is alive and well.

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Museveni proved haters wrong when he appeared live on television during the Global Health Summit which took place at Makerere University, Kampala Uganda on June 27th, 2021. He also commissioned a vaccine-making facility yesterday in Wakiso district.

Museveni commissions a vaccine-making facility yesterday in Wakiso district.

But who keeps on announcing Museveni dead and what are his/her intentions? The question remains unanswered!