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NBS TV’s Zahara Totto offers her ‘sambusa’ to Maurice Kirya

It is not a secret that NBS television presenter Zahara Nalumansi aka Zahara Totto has no mercy when it comes to bonking Kampala men for as long as their bank accounts are stable. 

She has confidently offered her body even the least expected men in the name of money.

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Zahara shocked netizens when she announced Nigerian alleged moneybags Don Solomon as his boyfriend. However, the relationship ended in tears.

It now seems the TV presenter is not yet done with her wishlist of men to swim in her waters as she is looking for a new sponsor. 

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She revealed in a video clip that has gone viral on social media that her next target is a sensational singer and almost every Kampala girl’s crush Maurice Kirya. 

Totto confessed that she wants to have the “Njoreza” singer in her chest even though he is married. 

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