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“Diana Nabatanzi gets seizures when excited in bed like she did in the tape,” Lwasa confirms leaked video

On Thursday last week, social media was on fire frenzy after a video in which the lady involved looked like BBS television’s presenter Diana Nabatanzi leaked. 

It was reported by many that the light-skinned woman seen being eaten was Nabatanzi. 

In fact, social media in-laws resurrected pictures of her wearing a wrist band resembling the one seen on the woman’s wrist in the video hence concluding that it was the TV star. 

The video was released after Nabatanzi’s motormouthed ex-lover Lwasa Emmanuel promising to leak her bedroom secrets. 

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Lwasa has however denied having leaked the video. 

“They are abusing me but first, I was not the one in the video, secondly it wasn’t my Facebook page that released that video. Now, what do they want from me?” He said during an interview with a local Television station. 

Lwasa insists that the woman in the video was Nabatanzi. He says that for the time he spent with her, he knows very well how she reacts when she gets excited during the ‘Kazanyo’.

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“Yeye, abantu bona bwebaba nga bagambye nti yooyo, then yooyo. agwa ensimbu bwaba akyamuse atte bwenalabye nga agude mu video nemanya nti yooyo,” Lwasa asserted. 

When asked if the video surprised him, he laughed and explained that he knew the time would come for her to get exposed. 

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“Omuntu bwaba wamuze gwe agya kwatibwa, aggya kumanyika. Ndowoza Oyo bawe eyamuwasa belabude okugalawo nebabakuba video nga bakola ebyo,” Lwasa said.

Accordingly, the tycoon believes that more dirty videos of the presenter will leak soon. He says that if the video leaked before he married Angel Kwakunda, he would have fainted.

“Ezo videos singa nazilabye nga sinabakuwasa, nabade ngenda ku fainting,” Lwasa said.

Watch the video below: Credit Urban TV.