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Zari Hassan leaks secrets about why she broke up with hubby Dark Stallion (Screenshots)

After breaking up with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz in 2018, South Africa based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan hooked up with another man named Cedric Anthony Fourie aka King Bae.

The socialite painted social media with love until the beginning of 2020 when she decided to end the relationship saying that she found out that King Bae had lied to her that he is rich. 

“You know some guys when they see a nice looking woman, they try many ways of getting her. They lie about their lives, they hire expensive cars, they try to live a fancy life just to have you. When they run out of money, they disappear into thin air,” Zari said.

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Adding, “I’m not saying that he was a conman but that’s what happened. What some men don’t understand about me is that I can love someone the way he is. I can love a broke guy as long as my heart yearns for me. And another thing, I realised that very cute guys are not for Me,” she said.

In February 2021, Zari unveiled a new man whom she nicknamed “Dark Stallion” and as usual she started posting pictures and short video clips having fun with him while begging him not to break her heart.

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“Don’t break my arm, I mean  Me Man,” she once posted. 

While she was claiming to be in love with Stallion, Diamond Platinumz visited her in South Africa. The two were seen getting so close to each other hence causing mixed reactions on social media where many asked if Dark Stallion was okay with Diamond’s closeness to her.

Zari answered them saying that she explained to him that Diamond needs to visit his children adding that he ( Dark Stallion) understood.

However, it looks like he did not completely understand hence their break up. The beautiful socialite through her socials revealed that it finally ended in tears with Dark Stallion. 

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“I miss him but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me, I won’t keep it…” She captioned a video clip in which her eyes were swollen as though she had spent a full night crying. 

Zari had come out again today and revealed that she puts self worth and respect before feelings.

“Your self respect and self worth should always be stronger than your feelings…..#peaceofmind,” Zari has posted.