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Surprise went wrong! Lulu Diva embarrasses Wasafi’s Lava Lava as she says “No” live on camera (VIDEO)

Tanzanian female singer Lulu Diva has left many shocked after she said “NO” to a surprise apology from her boyfriend and Wasafi Records singer Lava Lava real name Abdul Juma Idd leaving him embarrassed.

In a video recorded by Diamond Platinumz’ Wasafi fm, Lulu Diva is seen in the studio during a live interview. Then Lava Lava enters with a bouquet of flowers, followed by cameras while soothing background music is playing. 

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He is dressed in a pink jacket the same color as Lulu’s dress. He kneels in front of her and begs for her forgiveness, unfortunately, she just pushed him away while screaming “Sitaki” which translates as “I don’t want” in English.

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As man who loves his girlfriend, Lava Lava didn’t give up; he chose to hold her legs as a baby holding his mother and continued begging for forgiveness.

In the video, Lulu is seen as frustrated as she keeps pushing and slapping him to get away from her.

Lulu kept insisting that she doesn’t want but Lava Lava hard no other decision but to also keep appealing for the apology.

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After his much pleading, Lulu later accepted the flowers but shockingly, she angrily thrown them away and then rushed out of the studio.

Lava Lava left shading tears uncontrollably. 

Watch video below; Credit: Wasafi fm