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Pastor Ssempa curses PM Nabbanja over COVID-19 relief funds

Motormouthed Pastor Martin Ssempa has cautioned newly elected Prime Minister Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja over COVID-19 relief money.

Ssempa said that the Prime minister will get curses for not including religious leaders on the list of categories of Ugandans eligible to receive the shs 100,000.

“You sat with your group and discussed that you give money to comedians and musicians but what surprises me is that you didn’t put pastors on the list. That will bring you a very big curse, I’m asking you to revise that list,” He said.

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Government released a list of categories of people who will receive the Covid-19 relief money.

The list includes Artists ( Musicians, producers, comedian’s, promoters), Bus/taxi drivers, baggage carriers, wheelbarrow pushers, touts, traffic guides, loaders in taxi and bus parks, stages and other major commercial centers such as Kikuubo. Barmen, DJs, Barmaids, waiters and bouncers. Bar, gym and restaurant workers, food vendors in bus, taxi parks and arcades, boda boda riders, special hire drivers, Uber drivers, salons, massage parlor workers.

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Other state holders include Teachers and support staff in private schools and teachers in government schools not on the government payroll. Car washers, slum dwellers/ghetto residents, street vendors, shoe shiners and cobblers, orphans, and vulnerable children.