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NUP boss Bobi Wine fires at police, demands Sipapa produced in court

Former Presidential candidate and National Unity Platform chairman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has asked for the production of socialite Sipapa real name Olim Charles to court. 

Sipapa who is an enemy of NUP was arrested two weeks ago for reasons best known to government and him.

Even though Sipapa has on many occasions jubilated over NUP Supporters’ arrests, Bobi Wine has said that he is entitled to free and fair trial.

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“I am calling for Sipapa’s production in court so that he faces his charges before a competent court. Like all citizens, he is entitled to a free and fair trial even if he rejoiced when others were unlawfully arrested and tortured,” He said.

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Mr Wine however adds that Sipapa and other yellow bus passengers never learn from their mistakes of supporting a dictator who uses and dumps them.

“I know that if he was to be released today, he would probably do the same or worse things he did before the arrest because THEY NEVER LEARN. But our duty is to ensure that the rule of law reigns supreme and that everyone, regardless of who they are, is subjected to the law,” He added. 

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Sipapa is currently being held at SID Kireka according to Bobi. His lawyers have been denied access to him.