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Bad Black, Asha’s wedding to be cancelled after families oppose their plans

After getting engaged to boyfriend Asha Panda in May 2021, Ugandan socialite and sumbie vendor Bad Black born Shanitah Namuyimbwa announced that they were getting married soon.

Days later, the couple together with Bad Black’s son Jessie travelled to Zanzibar to prepare for their wedding. 

According to the motormouthed socialite, they wanted their marriage ceremonies to resemble those of whites where only a wedding is held. They did not want to have traditional marriage ceremonies which include Kukyala and Kwanjula for the Buganda tradition. 

However, parents from both sides objected Black and Asha’s plan saying that they are both Baganda hence the need to have traditional marriage functions which they finally agreed to have. 

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“We went for preparations Ela to, Families zona zatude and they were like no, mwena muli Baganda mulina okutambulira ku nonno. We wanted to be like whites since our families already know each other and they know us in and out so we do only the wedding but we have to do kukyala, introduction and wedding now,” She explained during an exclusive interview with local YouTuber.

Black explained that the wedding will take place in Zanzibar. She added that all her functions will be very private because her husband to be doesn’t like being in media.

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Kukyala will happen very soon,I don’t want to alert the media because my Asha is a private person. We shall have a private wedding but it will be nice” she said., 

Accordingly, the socialite excitedly narrated that her wedding dress will be inspired by the Queen of Buganda Slyvia Nnaginda’s.

“She’s my role model, if I wear such a dress, it will be good.  I’ve wished to wear it from childhood. If it’s there I want to wear it because she’s a good example in marriage,” Black said

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When asked if she if she’s funding her own wedding, Black narrated that ever since Asha came into her life she has been able to start up businesses which have helped them get the money which is being used to fund the marriage ceremonies. 

“I wasn’t working until Asha came into my life and opened my eyes. I think we are life mafias, we deal in alot of stuff. We now have businesses,” She answered.