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“I swear you will not survive,” Angry NRM blogger spills Museveni’s dark secrets (Video here)

Motormouthed blogger Isma Olaxess is a wounded man after he has reportedly been used and dumped by the NRM and president Museveni.

Isma is angry with Museveni and the top NRM bosses and claims that he has all their dirty secrets and promised to spill them over one by one.

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The bitter Isma actually claims that the NRM have been fighting so hard to give him protection but have since abandoned him.

However, after apparently being disgruntled with the way his rewards have not come through as he expected, Isma has through his live feed on Facebook revealed how he is dying to see them die.

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Museveni’s blogger Isma

Speaking in Luganda, Isma claimed to be proud of his work for the NRM despite their hypocritical nature.

“I promise none of you is going to survive, you have made us suffer much. After telling us we shall get money after the campaigns, you are busy buying houses in Miami and leaving poor Ugandans to suffer.

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“People are yearning for oxygen but you have trucks of gasses in your compound!” claimed Isma in a VIDEO HERE: