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“Get you backs ready,” Police to use extra force on COVID-19 guidelines violators

Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that the force ordered it’s officers to use reasonable force to conduct lockdown operations.

“We are nolonger using mercy to tell people to go home. We have instructed our officers on checkpoints to use reasonable force to conduct the operation,” Enanga stated.

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Ever since President Museveni ordered for a second total lockdown in the country, security agencies have been battling to force citizens out different cities as many were trying to go against the guidelines.

Police also revealed that they impounded at least 600 vehicles and arrested over 850 people caught violating his directives.

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Police and other security forces have been seen toughly handling citizens caught violating the guidelines.

Those caught driving and riding motorcycles, moving fast curfew time, operating businesses and moving without wearing masks have been punished.