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VIDEO: Maid leaks MP Peter Ssematimba’s dark secrets, reveals how he bonked and left her sumbie in sorry state

A lady identified as Namatovu Joan alleges that Super FM CEO and former Busiro South Member of Parliament-MP Peter Ssematimba bonked and impregnated her when she was working for him as a housemaid. 

While speaking to journalists, Namatovu said that Ssematimba’s mother brought her to his home in 2005 to work as a housemaid after the former MP continuing to bonk his other maid.

She narrates that his wife was worried that their children would have a bad picture of him if they found out that he was sleeping with a house help hence bringing Namatovu to separate Sematimba from the other maid. 

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“Ssematimba’s mom got me and brought me there because he used to sleep with his former maid. His wife was worried about how their children would live with a man who sleeps with a maid,” She narrated. 

Furthermore, Namatovu says that two years after she had joined their family, Ssematimba’s wife left for abroad with their children and that is when he started demanding to terminate her sumbie. According to her, Ssematimba started by asking her to rub his back and upgraded to bonking her. 

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“After two years his wife went abroad with the children. He started by telling me that i help and rub his back, I was like how come his wife was around and I never saw her rubbing his back. That’s how it started,” Namatovu explained. 

Namatovu came out crying for help from well wishers saying that Ssematimba dragged her to court demanding full custody of their daughter who is now ten years old.

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Namatovu says that she has been taking care of her child for all the 10 years alone, so she is afraid of leaving her daughter in Ssematimba’s hands due to the witchcraft of his women. 

“I am a mother, we have to fight for our children because that family has many women. This one enters, another one leaves and those women have witchcraft, he is the one that always says that. What if they bewitched my child.” She said. 

Watch the video below; Credit- Bukedde