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NEW LOCKDOWN: Here is all you need to know from H.E Museveni’s COVID-19 address

No movement of public transport; car, boda boda and private vehicles for 42 days. It has been observed that Taxis and Boda-Bodas drop passengers at district boundaries to be taken over by their colleagues waiting across the district boundaries.

Starting at 10 PM today, I am revising and updating all the directives I issued on 6th June 2021. Boda bodas or vehicles will only be allowed if they are transporting patients on referral by a medical worker.

Boda bodas in Kampala metropolitan (Kampala and Wakiso) will only be allowed to transport cargo. Why? Because we want people to stay at home. This virus does not transport itself. It’s transported by you. We are killing ourselves.

All cargo tracks will be allowed to move day and night but with a maximum of two people. The new PM and her group are directed to assess what the vulnerable group of people, especially in cities and towns, need so that we can make some arrangements to help them for the next 42 days.

The Ministry of Health and KCCA are hereby directed to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure all individuals that require medical care and medical evacuation in Kampala/Wakiso/ Mukono Metropolitan areas are taken care of.

Emergency and essential vehicles will be allowed to move. The ministry of Health and Kampala city council are hereby directed to make the necessary arrangements to ensure all individuals that require medical care in Kampala, Wakiso are taken care of.

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Some people are not adhering to curfew hours (9pm to 5:30am) and as such, the curfew time throughout the country is pulled back to 7pm – 5:30am. 

Boda bodas will only be allowed to move up to 5pm.

All schools and institutions of higher learning in the country to remain closed for 42 days.

Tourists especially those coming from countries fully vaccinated, are allowed to come, but can only be moved by registered tourist vehicles.

Entebbe International Airport will remain open but we will ensure no variants enter Uganda.

Cargo trucks should nolonger park in trading centres but in previously designated areas.

Food market vendors should camp at their places of work. The ministry of health can give them free bed nets so that they are not bitten by mosquitoes.  We (guerrilla fighters ) used to sleep in the bush.

Kikubo and other business centres should be closed for the next 42 days.

Burials to be restricted to the core family as is in the military. For instance, my uncle died recently and he was buried in Rwakitura but I never went to bury him because I was adding nothing; I was not going to resurrect him.

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I direct KCCA and local government authorities to close all bars and cancel licences of bars breaching SOPs. Police should arrest owners and impose hefty fines. We shall not take you to prison to eat our free food, NO!

Bars, Discos, SportsBetting, and CinemaHalls: Despite the directive, the bar owners and clients have not fully adhered.

Factories should remain open but where possible the workers should be allowed to stay at the factory for 42 days.

All places of worship and sports events remain suspended for 42 days.

You don’t have to go to church to pray. You can pray from home. I always see Mama (@JanetMuseveni) watching & praying on TV. There are some Nigerians which Mama always watches. So why do you have to expose your people to the risks of gatherings?

For our lives to continue,the following sectors fully function: (a) agriculture, (b) industry, manufacturing and tourism (c) health and medical services (d) security (policeandarmy), (e) utilities (water, electricity, mass media, telecoms, banking institutions, garbage/waste management, retail shops and markets),(f) cargo transport and goods distribution. I have thus categorized these sectors as essential sectors.


Therefore, Starting today 18.06.2021, 22:00 hours today, directives are revised and updated 

1. Public and private vehicles & bodaboda suspended for 42 days. Will only move to transport patients with permission from LCI, RDC or Health Work.

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2. Bodaboda can carry merchandise)cargo.

3. Curfew from 19:00 hours (7pm) – 05:30hours (5:30am)

4. Bodaboda allowed to move up to 5:00pm.

5. Ministry of Local Gvnt and Ministry of Finace to support regional, and District Task Forces.

6. Ebbe International Airport to remain open.

7. Cargo vehicles allowed to move – will only be tested. They should not pack in trading centres. Shld park in seclusion centres.

8. Food market venders to camp in their places of work/markets (resident vendors). MoH to give them free bed nets.

9. Kikubo and other business centres should be closed.

10. Burials – to be restricted to only core family members of the deceased (as applied in the military)

11. Bars, discos, cinema halls to close.

12. All sectors (other than those mentioned) to  be suspended for 42 days.

13. Staff in non core ministries to reduce to 10{a6adf960b9dc55bb3e49ff07c82daa20469ae533cf096e1b9d27878361bb9db5}.

14. Factories to remain open, where possible, workers housed at place of work for 42 days.

15. Places of workshop and sports events remain suspended for 42 days.

16. All education institutions to remain closed for 42 days.

17. Retail shops should remain open.