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VIDEO: Angella Katatumba forgives boyfriend after nasty bedroom fight

Months after breaking up with singer and music producer Andre Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, songstress Angella Katumba found a new love in a mysterious man whom she’s yet to unveil to her fans.

Source has it that Angella was leaving a beautiful relationship with new bae until their bitter fight recently.

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The couple was not seeing each other eye to eye for days until her alleged boyfriend surprised her with a creative apology which she immediately accepted and forgave her lover.  

Katatumba has posted a video in which her mysterious man sent her a cake and a note apologising for hurting her.  The cake is written on “I’m sorry Angie”. 

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The ever joyful singer however has now disclosed details about her mystery man leaving her fans alleging that it could be Andre again after he got dumped by singer Nina Roz. Shall keep you posted.

Watch the video here;