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Home Exposed MUBS’ Paula trashes ‘Kitende video’, leaks own tape

MUBS’ Paula trashes ‘Kitende video’, leaks own tape

MUBS' Paula trashes ‘Kitende video’, leaks own tape

You may call it lockdown boredom, search for popularity or Sheer bad lucky and accidental, but a mystery MUBs girl has shocked many after she leaked her own tape on social media which has since sent the internet into meltdown. 

The student whose name has only been identified to be Paula is now the talk of the town and many online males are yearning for a second dose. 

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Paula is seen in the video thumping her waters,  an act that has left men nursing burst trousers.  As we write this,  the video clip has already gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

We have captured for a your a few screenshots (CLICK HERE) from the raunchy video for your own optical nutrition

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