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“My wife visited the bush and pulled” – Dorah Mwima’s husband leak bedroom secrets

Pulling is a tradition in central and Southern parts of Uganda and Rwanda practiced by women to increase their alleged bedroom sweetness. 

The practice which is done by elongating the labia minora on a woman’s v*gina has been embraced by many women and cherished by men during bonking sessions. 

In Uganda, to be specific in central region, girls who did not visit the bush as they call it are looked at as failures when it comes to bedroom matters. However, this does not mean that every lady in that area elongated her labia as some have deliberately refused to pull with claims that the process is painful. 

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Even though pulling is not practiced in some other countries, former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima’s Lebanese husband Nader Barrack seems to have found it interesting. And he loves it!

Nader has proved that he loves his beauty Queen so much and he is so proud of her that he posts about her all the time. 

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Mwima who is heavily pregnant with Nadar’s fourth baby left in shock as her husband leaked her bedroom secrets. Nadar posted on his socials saying that his wife pulled to make him have full enjoyment. 

“As you can see, with proof, my wife also pulled.  Am a happy man” he jokingly captioned a picture of Mwima while pointing at her umbilical code.