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“I didn’t bonk your wife” – Mukaabya’s bitter fight with Daxx Kartel over Momo 19 takes another twist (VIDEO)

Kadongo Kamu singer Willy Mukaabya has fired back to singer Daxx Kartel born Sulaiman Ssebunya in a song saying that he has never bonked his wife. 

In Daxx’s song dubbed “Enswa”, he accused a one “Mukabya” of chewing his wife Momo 19.

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Now in response to the “Mubaala” singer, Mukaabya release a song, dubbed “Sirya nga kunswazo” which means “I have never ate your ants” where he says that Daxx Kartel mistook him with someone else.

Mukabya insists he has never chewed Daxx’s wife Momo 19.  Even though both songs do not directly include Momo 19 it shall be noted that during a phone interview with a local TV, Momo said that Dax Kartel sang the “Enswa” song about her

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Listen to the audio below;