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Rema Namakula’s pal spits truth about her break up with Dr. Hamza

The romour had it that songstress Rema Namakula had split with her husband Dr Ssebunya Hamza just after Dubai trip.

For starters, it all started after the singer allegedly deleted jaw breaking Dubai photos off her social media pages which left the celebrity couple’s fans in shock hence prompting them to believe that it had also ended in tears. 

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It was also alleged that the breakup was due to Rema’s failure to get pregnant for the gynecologist.

Rema with husband Hamza

However, her best friend and handbag Evelyn Namulondo who is also known by many as Eva wa Rema has come out and cleared the air that her friend’s marriage is still intact. 

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According to Eve, Rema and Hamza have no issues as per claims.